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With online ticket sales increasing in popularity, it's a smart move for your band to take steps in posting tickets to selling sites to spread the word to a larger number of people and increase tickets sales.

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Sell your Own Concert Tickets

Brown Paper Tickets

Location: Seattle, WA 98109
Brown Paper Tickets is a full-service ticketing and registration service. Brown Paper Tickets is perfect for 20,000 seat arenas, a first-grade fundraiser, and everything in between. If you are a band and want to sell your own tickets contact them to see how to make it happen. They charge .99cents per ticket plus a 2.5% service change. This is much lower than ticketmaster.


E-Tix can work with bands to help buy tickets from venues they are playing that use ticketmaster and re-sell them to the bands fans with bundled packages such as ticket, t-shirt and signed CD. E-Tix can do all the fulfillment as well. Claim ticketmaster saves 8 to 10% of all concerts tickets for bands whom can buy them at face value and no service charge so bands can give them away or sell them back to their fan clubs at higher price or with bundled packages. The key is you should have a good fan club to make some money at this.


Despite their large size, Ticketmaster is frequently viewed as the best online selling tool, as they boast a huge database and variety of concert tickets at their intended face value.


Working closely with venues, promoters and artists, TicketWeb was built for independent musicians to provide a fair a balances online selling platform

Coast to Coast Tickets

Location: Chicago, IL 60622
Coast to Coast Tickets offers touring bands and artists a platform to sell tickets, where they take 10% of the selling price.

In Ticketing

Since 1999, In Ticketing has been providing ticketing and e-commerce solutions for bands, venues and festivals. In Ticketing is an official green business adopting such practices as using soy ink with hemp/flax ticket stock, tree-free envelopes, bio diesel and hybrid event vehicles, and the first ticketing agency to develop tree planting initiatives - resulting in the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees since its inception. In Ticketing gives it's band clients the ease of using online ticketing, box office software, on demand ticket printing, access control and e-commerce solutions. It is free to sign up to sell your tickets. Their convenience charge varies depending on the price of the ticket. They charge about $3.75 for a $20 ticket. 

Ticket Leap

Location: Philadelphia, PA 19103
Ticket Leap allows you to set up a free account to sell tickets directly to your fans from your website for venues you can control the tickets. They charge a $1 handling fee for tickets under $10 and $2 plus 3% for tickets above $10. 


"Ticketmaster venues allow bands to buy with no service charge 8-10% of their shows tickets to give away or re-sell to their fans "

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