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Getting your music on internet radio and streaming services is not that hard and either free or inexpensive. We try to take the work out of finding the main players and how to get your music heard.

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Internet Radio & Streaming Services


Spotify is a way for consumers to search any track, artist or genre and play it for free if willing to listen to commercials. They also have commercial free programs for a fee for consumers. Consumers can also buy MP3's. At first it was limited to major and indie record label artists but now indie artists can submit their music to get on Spotify. The programs to submit are thru Tunecore or CD Baby. They have the largest online streaming catalog at 15 million songs. They have a partnership with Facebook and was reported in April 2012 17.5 million people use Spotify on Facebook. 


Location: Oakland, CA 94612
Pandora is an internet music discovery service to help you enjoy music you already know and to discover new music. The service works by typing in an artists name or song you like and then it gives you a streaming radio station of songs that sound like the band you like. So unknown bands that sound like a big name band may be randomly selected to be on that radio station and discovered by new fans. They have 100 million registered users. To get your music on Pandora you can submit your CD for free. The CD needs a UPC barcode. If you need help with getting a UPC they have a link on how to get this. They listen to everything they receive but do not add every CD.  This link shows you the submission process.  


Napster allows users to listen to over 10 Million songs and buy the ones they like. You can listen to the entire song and not buy it. It costs $5/mo for users. For bands to get on Naptser, ask your digital distributors such as CD Baby to get you on there. 


Rhapsody is a leading on line subscription based internet music service where you can get your music listed. The way to get on is to submit your music to an aggregator, like CD Baby, who re-distributes music to online digital retailers like Rhapsody, iTunes, Napster, etc.  Upon submitting your CD to CD Baby, within about 2-3 months you should see your submitted music appear on those services. 


Jango is a free social music service that lets users create their own custom radio stations and share them with friends. They have 7 million monthly visitors. If you can get your music in their rotation you could find new music fans. It works when users type in an artist they like and get similar sounding artists on their custom radio station. Similar to the Pandora concept. They mention you can submit your music for consideration if you are a popular artist to feedback@jango.com. They also have a program that started March 2009 for artists/labels that you can pay $30 for 1200 plays on their station and if you get good ratings from listeners you can get in their regular rotation for free. We talked with them and this program called Jango Airplay is getting new fans for artists. We take you to the page that talks about ways to submit your music. 


Location: London,
Last.fm is a online music service that learns the music you love by tracking what you play to create a profile of the music you like. It can connect you to other people who like what you like and recommends songs from their music collection and yours too. Bands can submit their music and get listed for free. This could allow you exposure to new fans. They also have a paid service for bands that boosts the amounts of plays or promote a release.


Location: San Francisco, CA 94110
SomaFM is a leading Internet Radio Station that has 14 different commercial free internet stations steaming music to listeners that log 6 million listening hours a month. They do not focus on commercialized music but music and formats that aren't available on commercial radio, or formats that are not being done right. They support unsigned and indie artists and they will consider adding your music to their station if you send a CD to them. Check out the contact section of the site which gives you directions on how to get your music on their station.


Somojo is a web radio for independent and unsigned artists. It is free to get your music on. 


Location: Whistler, BC,
RadioTower.com lists over 4000 internet radio stations by genre and by country. They have links to every website. Many of the internet radio station sites tell you how to submit your music.

Article on Music Services: Growth and Decline

An article on which online music streaming and e-store servies have seen growth and decline recently.

Indie Charts

Indie Charts offers musicians free profiles for music fans to find.  Bands can get their music reviewed, enter battle of the band contests and connect with fans.  Also their library is sent out to am/fm and internet radio stations worldwide. You can submit your songs. 

Music Submit

Location: New York, NY 10010
Music Submit submits your music to genre-specific radio stations, online music magazines, online music directories, blogs, podcasts, indie record labels and other electronic. Rates start as low as $9.95

The Ten Best Music Sources

The most currently popular music stores and online streaming services.


yourockradio.com provides indie artists the opportunity to have their music played on this internet station.  They do half hour shows and interviews on selected artists. They claim to help increase artists fan bases and increase their myspace activity to get heard by over 100,000 fans. yourockradio also offers artists a place to sell their music.  

Myspace Music

Recently reinvigorated, the new Myspace offers a great way for bands to engage with fans and direct listeners to streaming and downloading.

Amazing Radio

Amazing Radio is a UK based streaming service that allows bands to upload music directly to profiles for listeners to stream and buy. There are also programmed Internet Radio components to Amaing Radio.

Slacker Radio

Slacker's huge selection of songs, stations and variety of genres gives listeners free streaming on any device. You can also subscribe and enjoy a commercial-free experience with deep customization, offline listening and on-demand access to millions of songs and albums.

Tune In

Tune In works a bit differently, in that it sources thousands of physical radio stations for free online streaming. 


Songza offers very structured radio stations/playlists that are aimed to fit various activities throughout the day. From working out to cooking and cleaing, the folks at Songza have designed sets of music that will pair will with whatever you've got going on.


Rdio is an online streaming source with a massive library across all genres. It's currently available in North America, Europe, Australia and South America and is free for listeners.


Location: TX
Starzzradio is an internet radio station that services major and independent artist in the R&B and rap genres, and continues to be a source for a&r's from major labels to listen for new independent artist.

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