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The internet has made selling your videos much easier. We list some of the best services for you.

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Sell thru Fans Online


Location: Newark, DE 19711
Artistxite allows you to get revenue from a journalist or blogger who is writing a review on your music. They put a Xiteplayer that is a small window icon that when clicked on is a mini music store selling your music to buy instantly. Thus you can put your music store next to any article. It is free for artists.


TwoTweet is a digital music store for Twitter. You can reward fans who purchase by offering a discount in exchange for a promotional tweet. And fans can even purchase music via tweets. So simple, so easy, so social.


Fan Distro offers a service that helps you sell your music via fans/friends who become your partner as they earn 20% commission when they sell your music digitally or physical CD's. The artist/label gets 60%. One time set up fees range from $9.95 to $29.95 depending on the package you choose. You can install the FanDistro app in your facebook page.  

Mondo Tunes

Location: Huntington Beach, CA 92646
MondoTunes provides the largest distribution channel reaching over 750 retailers, mobile partners and streaming companies in over 100+ countries at the lowest costs, with No Monthly/Annual Fees. MondoTunes is also the only distribution company that provides an unmatched online marketing campaign for artist.


"If you have a fan club, there are many companies that can help create sales opportunities for you. Check out the sell your music on line category "

"A new report says half of all music sold in the U.S. will be digital in 2011. "

"Nielsen reported 89 digital songs exceeded the 1 Million sales mark in 2009 compared to 71 songs in 2008"

"Albums reviewed on itunes sell 33% more than albums that are not reviewed...so review your albums or get your family to. "

"Nielsen Reported digital track sales hit an all time high in 2009 up 8.3% from 2008 to more than 1.1 Billion. "

"Artists/bands should create an asset list such as CD's, videos, band merch, etc and figure out how you should market each of these assets. "