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Why would you want to start your own record label? Control everything, don't have to wait until you get signed, keep more of the profits, answer to nobody but your band...sound good! The internet and the breadth of new services available to bands has made many bands take the route of starting their own label. Read up below on how to start it up and then finding the right distribution and marketing partners. We list the best resources to help you on your way.

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Record Labels - Start your own

Detailed Article on Starting Your Own Record Label

Starting your own label is not easy, so read up as much as possible about how to do it correctly to avoid issues down the road. This articles gives some great details and advice on getting your label going.  

Great Book to Read if Starting Your Own Label

Start and Run Your Own Record Label is a comprehensive guidebook to building your own record business in the often treacherous and highly competitive world of independent record labels. Written from the perspective of an industry insider who started and ran her own label, this revised and expanded edition of a backlist bestseller has been updated to reflect recent changes in the music industry, incoporating changes in digital sales and marketing and exploring the current avenues of Internet networking and online revenue streams. Topics that are added include working social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook; creating and marketing videos for YouTube, selling ringtones online; marketing through blogs and podcasts; and much more. 

Marketing and Distribution Services

Location: Atlanta, GA 30309
Music Business Tool Box offers indie musicians and labels the business solutions necessary to efficiently run their operations and manage their releases. They have music marketing tools, distribution and consulting services to help you get your music out there successfully. 


"Big artists, for example Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, are leaving major record labels and starting their own label to distribute their music. "

Forming a Label by Ben Mclane More...