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Record Labels are still a viable way for many bands to go. We list resources that give you access to all the different types of record labels out there.

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Record Labels - Established

Record Labels Guide

Resource for record label and other music company contacts, articles, news, tips and more. List 90 independent record label links with brief write up on each label. Also list links to 16 major record companies


Location: Newport,
Bandit will put you in direct contact with people in England, every month, who are actually looking to sign your type of act/material, putting you way ahead of all those 'wannabes' just hoping to get signed! Every monthly newsletter is full of new, exclusive, detailed information about people and companies in England that are ready now to consider signing your music or talent.

Nail Distribution

One of the country’s top national distributors of prime independent music. NAIL incorporates major level distribution capabilities though a unique multi-channel conduit system, driven by an emphatically label-centric, artist driven philosophy.


Chartburst is a resouce that allows artists to submit music to Chartburt's database, where they sort through and send music of the top artists to well respected labels and A&R scouts every month.


"Many Labels that have you signed up for worldwide rights won't take you there until you get a certain amount of sales in the US or their home country. Beware of this as your fan base may be bigger elsewhere but your label won't go there so have some type of language in your agreement that gives you some freedom to go worldwide. "

"Make sure you negotiate that your fan info like emails, zip, etc is your property and not the labels"

The DIY Guide to Submitting Your Songs to Anyone in the Music Industry More...