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Music Nomad Article: After the Show - How to Conduct Business to Get Paid

After the Show

After the crowd goes home and the stage lights dim and the staff is winding down, the band is packing up. As with most tour procedures, tearing down and packing up is a lonely business. A band is primed to perform but the mundane tasks of after the show must be dealt with.

Always assign two members of the group to deal with getting paid after the show. This duo should have good manners and great spirit and a sense of professionalism and business. The talent buyer may not be the person who pays you at the end of the night, but word of how you conducted yourself during pay out will get back to her. You may receive your funds from the bar manager, bartender or other staff member.

The band duo at the settlement (payment) table is a tag team opportunity to make the most of your performance while the show is still vivid. One member chats with the settlement person about the show and possibilities to rebook while the other person counts money, fills out paperwork and confirms all monetary concerns are taken care of such as tabs and tips.

The rest of the band should be loading out, packing the bus or trailer and cleaning up after themselves. Your music may be quickly forgotten but your cleanliness, politeness and consideration WILL be remembered. Leave the stage and backstage area clean and tidy.

Make sure as you're loading out, any negative comments are kept to yourself. After show in a venue is no place to discuss the poor aspects of the bar, the staff or the sound system. You're still surrounded by ears, so keep comments positive and upbeat.

As you're settling and packing up, you're still performing, just not in front of a crowd. Often the most meaningful relationships with a venue are formed pre and post show.

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